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  • edit Primaraj
    edited by ChristopherBadger diff
  • new page Perigo
    created by ChristopherBadger
    New page: TBA.
  • new page Currency
    created by ChristopherBadger
    New page: While trade and barter is still a common form of making transactions between the common folk of Malgranda, most organized governments mint various...
  • new page The Tri-Empire
    created by ChristopherBadger
    New page: The Tri-Empire is a union of the Kaisir, Nordic, and Occiden states. Contents[show] History Edit The Three States Edit The Kaisir Empire Edit...
  • new page Primaraj
    created by ChristopherBadger
    New page: Primaraj is the largest of the two continents of Malgranda. It is home to a large number of races and cultures, as well as the majority of species on...
    Summary: Creation

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